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Established in 2005 by Bill Roberts, Attack Marine is based in the picturesque town of Taupo, New Zealand, and has been producing custom designed jet boats for the national and international market ever since. Tony and his son George Ward  took over Attack Marine in 2017, upon Bills passing. They continue to build and produce boats ranging in function from purely recreational boats to top speed racing boats. Jet Boating is a passion for both men, something they live and breathe, so in buying an Attack Marine Boat, you can rest assured that you're buying into their passion as well. 



Tony has a lifelong passion with jetboats, his unrelenting passion and enthusiasm that sees him continue to innovate and produce some of the best recreational, racing and commercial Jet Boats around.  He has over 40 years jet boating experience and was the founder of Kiwik Kraft Boats Limited. His ability to innovate began with designing the first ever tunnel hull made of aluminium for jet boat racing. Tony can also claim to be the first to incorporate a delta keel into vee bottom boats and has raced extensively in Canada, the United States of America and Mexico as well as being a three times runner-up in World Championship river racing events. 


Bill had over 40 years jet boating experience and was one of New Zealand’s most qualified commercial jet boat operators. He played an active consultancy role in Attack Marine, the business he established in 2005. He was New Zealand and 1989 World Jet Boat Racing Champion four times over and knew what it took to get a jet boat to perform.  He jet boated most boatable rivers in New Zealand and had also raced on rivers in Canada, United States and Mexico. He had consulted in commercial jet boat operations and driver training in New Zealand, Japan and the United States of America and was the owner and operator of Kiwi Jet Boat Tours for over 24 years. His innovation and dynamic attitude was seen in his role as the creator of ‘Wave Attack’, the self righting sea jet boat. To see this boat in action click HERE 

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